What You Need to Know Right Now!

New EB-5 Regulations Are Published and Will Be Effective On November 21, 2019

As you know, several changes to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program will go into effect very soon.

Increased minimum investments:

  • The minimum investment in a TEA (Targeted Employment Area or Rural Area) increases to $900,000 (from $500,000).
  • The standard minimum investment amount in a Non-TEA or Non-Rural Area increases to $1.8 million (from $1 million).

Targeted employment area (TEA) designations:

  • DHS (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) will now directly review and determine the designation of high-unemployment TEAs; they will no longer rely on TEA designations made by each state government.
  • Specially designated high-unemployment TEAs will be more restrictive than the present TEA calculation. Therefore, on November 21st, most TEA locations today will not be TEAs. This will result in most current EB-5 Regional Center Projects requiring US$1.8 million as the EB-5 investment amount.

Right now, we are offering two very solid and qualified projects. Click on the links below for more information:

Circa, Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (this Project meets the new TEA criteria)

Flying Biscuit Café in Dallas, TX – 6 new locations, 6 spots only.

InvestAmerica also offers a complimentary analysis of EB-5 projects for investors looking to make decisions on which project to select. Click here to see an example of our analysis on our own projects.

Act Fast! The regulations will be effective on November 21st! There is still time, so please click on the image below to schedule a call with us. We can help!

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Mike Xenick