E2 Visa Program

E2 Visa Program


About the E2 Visa Investor Program


The E2 visa allows a foreign national of a treaty country to be admitted to the United States when investing a ‘substantial’ amount of capital into a U.S. business including franchises, for up to five years, with an unlimited amount of extensions.

E2 Franchise Consulting

InvestAmerica specialises in providing investor consulting services for prospective investors seeking to immigrate to the United States via the E2 Visa Program, who wish to own and operate a franchise business within North America, in varying industries including but not limited to the healthcare, restaurant, wellness/fitness, apparel and real estate sectors. Selecting an E2 business can be a daunting task with many moving parts that cause investors to be overwhelmed.

InvestAmerica’s extensive experience in immigration via investment to the United States has allowed the firm to create a one stop shop solution for prospective E2 investors. InvestAmerica will provide expert guidance from start to finish (E2 approval) in coordinating all moving parts including but not limited to, introductions to experienced legal counsel and selected franchisor(s), present multiple franchise options for the E2 Applicant, and  facilitate introductions with U.S. individuals and/or companies who can assist the E2 investor with moving to the U.S., among a plethora of other factors that will lead to a smooth and hassle free E2 process.

How we do it?

InvestAmerica and our team of partners prioritize understanding our E2 client’s goals and objectives. Once a prospective candidate completes their free consultation and InvestAmerica gains an in-depth understanding of our prospects E2 immigration goals, business/franchise ownership objectives (hours, sales, employees, etc), their budget or investment level, their desired location and role in the business among other items, we will present a selection of franchise opportunities.

The process?

In total, the entire process should take between 4 – 8 months, with the timing heavily dependent on how quickly the E2 Applicant can complete the initial free consultation and questionnaire, analyse franchise options, conduct research and due diligence, make a decision, finalize the agreement with the selected franchise company, and how long it will take for the U.S. Consulate in the E2 treaty country you are applying from (or USCIS) to review the E2 petition and schedule the interview.  InvestAmerica’s team of professionals closely coordinates all the steps in the process, geared toward conducting the most efficient and timely process for the E2 Applicant.

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InvestAmerica is not a broker-dealer, does not offer securities and is not registered with FINRA or any other securities-regulating organizations. All securities offered through Sequence Financial Specialists, LLC, FINRA/SIPC. InvestAmerica, LLC is a subsidiary of Sequence Holdings LLC.

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