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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Associates of InvestAmerica are registered with Sequence Financial Specialists LLC, member FINRA/SIPC (“Sequence”), based in Charleston, South Carolina ( Registered under the Securities Act of 1934, Sequence is a limited broker-dealer firm.  After the evaluation of several options, including acquiring an existing broker-dealer, InvestAmerica selected Sequence as an ideal broker-dealer to partner with for the EB-5 platform for the following key reasons:

  • Sequence successfully completed the FINRA 1017 process to underwrite Direct, Direct Pooled & Regional Center EB-5 transactions.
  • Sequence serves as a Managing Broker-Dealer for Alternative Investments
  • The owners of Sequence, W. Michael Grady (General Securities Principal) and William E. (Gene) King have been owners and operators in the registered securities industry for a number of years with many more years of experience owning their own businesses that is valuable in understanding the companies that are selected for foreign investors.
  • Sequence possesses an established back office and securities compliance team, which is key to efficiently processing transactions, facilitating investor intake and registering and supervising InvestAmerica’s EB-5 team of brokers/finders.
  • Sequence followed a similar path that InvestAmerica did in evaluating the opportunities with the EB-5 Program. After five years of analysis, the firm:
    • Believed it had a solid foundation for moving forward in the EB-5 world;
    • Found a series of ventures that would meet the criteria for EB-5 projects;
    • Would need a continuous stream of EB-5 Investors to meet the needs of the prospective clients; and
    • Could benefit from another group’s experience and expertise in EB-5 Programs – especially one that had a history of completed EB-5 projects.
  • Accordingly, Sequence began looking for a firm to partner with to add an EB-5 platform to their growing business, recognizing the growth of the niche area and understanding the potential to be one of the guiding forces in assisting the EB-5 industry into compliance with U.S. securities laws.
  • The combined expertise & experience of InvestAmerica & Sequence allows the partnership to offer a comprehensive suite of EB-5 Securities Placement & Compliance Services for Regional Centers.
  • InvestAmerica and Sequence have similar business philosophies where the clients and prospective investors come first and both understand the importance of maintaining a professional atmosphere with a reputation of integrity.
  • The combined resources, experience and networks of InvestAmerica and Sequence will better serve Regional Centers, EB-5 Project Owners and Investors.