InvestAmerica’s GlobalConnect Partnership Program

At InvestAmerica, we understand that true success in the complex world of EB-5 capital involves a network of synergistic partnerships. Driven by this understanding, we’ve designed our Partnership Program – a dedicated initiative that nurtures mutually beneficial relationships with our partners across the globe.

Our partnerships are more than just an alliance, they represent a commitment to shared success. Whether you’re a seasoned EB-5 industry expert in your field or a service provider with aligned interests, our GlobalConnect Partnership Program offers you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and amplify your impact.

Domestic Partnership Program

Our domestic Partnership Program encompasses a broad range of services, providing a robust platform for growth and expansion. We’ve built this program around the core pillars of mutual growth and shared success, anchored by the following offerings:

Marketing Initiatives:

Through our focused and effective marketing strategies, we drive referrals and elevate your brand’s visibility. Our initiatives include direct advertising, tailor-made marketing collateral, insightful blog posts, in-depth white papers, and compelling presentation decks.

Knowledge Sharing:

We offer unique insights derived from our rich experience working with global investors. These insights, encompassing investor motivations, objectives, and strategies, equip you with the knowledge you need to better understand and serve your clients.

Co-Branding and Joint Marketing Events:

In an increasingly digital world, co-branding and joint events form a key part of our partnership program. Our partners enjoy opportunities for event sponsorship across webinars, seminars, roadshows, and project sponsor roundtables, providing a platform for enhanced visibility and customer engagement.

Diversified Investment Options:

We understand that every partner has clients with unique needs and objectives. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of investment options, allowing our partners the flexibility to choose investment routes that best align with their clients strategic goals.

Underpinned by Formal Referral Agreements, our GlobalConnect Partnership Program is structured to ensure clarity, transparency, and integrity. These agreements outline the services we provide, ensuring that our partners can confidently navigate the path to success.

At InvestAmerica, our partnerships are a core part of our mission. By joining our GlobalConnect Partnership Program, you’re not just partnering with us, you’re joining a global network dedicated to mutual success. Together, we can navigate the complexities of EB-5 capital, unlocking potential and driving growth in a dynamic global marketplace.

International Partnership Program

Finders Fees: Exclusively for international partners, we offer finders fees, adding an additional revenue stream to your business.


This is not a solicitation of securities. Securities only offered to accredited individuals by private placement memorandum. InvestAmerica offers securities through Sequence Financial Specialists LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. InvestAmerica is not registered with FINRA or any other securities-regulating organizations. InvestAmerica LLC is a subsidiary of Sequence Holdings LLC.