Stazione 25 @ Mt. Baker Station

Welcome to the data room for the Stazione 25 @ Mt. Baker Station  EB-5 Offering. This data room contains documents to be reviewed for consideration of an EB-5 investment with Stazione 25.

The complete private placement memorandum is available with or without exhibits. Additional documents for this offering are available in this data room for your review. You may access these files through the ‘Offering’ Documents menu shown below. We may provide other supplemental documentation upon request as available and appropriate.

Please note that we have included a copy of the documents that each investor will need to execute for reference; however, all documents should be executed electronically through DocuSign.

To initiate the process of executing investor documents, please access the link provided below to complete, execute and electronically submit the required forms. We do ask that you only access the link when you are ready to invest since a new set of documents is initiated in our system each time.

When you are ready to invest, please click the appropriate link based on your current residential status:

Non-US resident Subscription Document

US resident Subscription Documents

We are happy to assist should you have any trouble so feel free to reach out with your questions.

Mike Xenick

1-813-340-8737 / 1-813-448-6769


Offering Documents