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Circa Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada


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Project Overview

Circa Resort & Casino (‘’Circa’’) is a 1.3 million square-feet (‘’SF’’) resort and casino facility encompassing one square city block in Downtown Las Vegas. Circa is the first resort & casino ground up development since 1980 in Downtown Las Vegas. Circa is situated on approximately 400 SF of prime frontage on the Freemont Street Experience (‘’FSE’’), one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations globally, with over 19 million visitors annually. Circa will be 35 floors with 510 hotel rooms, 59 luxury suites, a two-level casino, the longest outdoor bar on the FSE, a three-story stadium style sports book, 7,000 SF of retail space, a state-of-the art pool and entertainment center with a 128 ft x 36 ft Outdoor LED screen, health club/fitness center and a 8-level parking garage designed for Circa guests covering 1,038 parking spaces.

Minimum Investment



111 partnership units for a total of $98.3 Million


EB-5 capital is projected to represent $98.3 million or 9.7% of the total $1.012 billion project capitalization. Other sources include a Senior Loan ($450 million, 45%), and Developer Equity ($463 million, 46%). The developer will bridge the EB-5 portion until EB-5 funds are available.

Annual Preferred Return

2% to Individual Investors, subject to applicable conditions, restrictions, or limitations as set forth in the offering document.

Investment Vehicle

Preferred Equity investment.

High Profile, Experienced and Reputable Developer

Derek and Greg Stevens have over 10 years’ experience in developing, owning and operating resort and casino facilities in Las Vegas. They currently own and operate two profitable, debt-free resort and casino facilities in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino.

Regional Center

Pacific Casino & Entertainment Group, LLC:
The issuer is not owned or affiliated to the Developer.

Job Creation

Approximately 8,943 jobs are projected to be created, resulting in over 80 jobs per investor. As of September 30, 2019, 2,837 jobs have been created.

Targeted Employment Area (‘’TEA’’)

According to a TEA letter issued by Impact DataSource on November 26th,
2019, Circa is located in a TEA under the new EB-5 rules.

Exit Strategy

At some point after the investors’ sustainment period is over, the Developer expects to redeem the Funds investment either through a sale, refinancing or
cashflow from operations. Payment of preferred returns and distributions is not guaranteed.

All investment returns from the project, after payment of senior debt service, will first be provided to EB-5 investors until their annual preferred return and investment capital has been repaid in full and before any return of capital to the Developer.
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Important Information

This is not a solicitation of securities. Securities only offered to accredited individuals by private placement memorandum. Securities offered through Sequence Financial Specialists LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. InvestAmerica Capital Advisors, LLC is not a broker-dealer, does not offer securities and is not registered with FINRA or any other securities-regulating organizations. InvestAmerica is not affiliated with Sequence. The President of InvestAmerica is registered with Sequence Financial Specialists LLC. This information is extracted from the Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) and has been prepared by the management of the project and not by Sequence or InvestAmerica. There is no assurance that the investment objectives of this program will be attained, involves a significant degree of risk relating to immigration matters (including continued operation of the EB-5 Regional Center program and others, as further outlined in the PPM) and investment, including failure to achieve permanent residence and the loss of your entire investment. Financial projections are not a guarantee of future performance. All information is subject to change. Consult the PPM for investment conditions, other risk factors (including conflicts of interest, lack of operating history, project completion, capitalization, real estate, economic, competition, technology, gaming, legal, insurance, tax, regulatory), minimum requirements, fees and expenses

Preliminary Investor Questionnaire

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